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This was the most exciting part for us! We wanted to challenge ourselves and up the ante by hand painting the python in colour combinations you can imagine on art décor pieces and luxurious haute couture fabrics. It was like unleashing the inner artist in us and being brutally honest about it. We believe that our unique special colours are definitely conversation starters.


We are asked often, why python skin? When we came up with our brand concept, we wanted to use real skins obtained only from farms. Python besides cow, crocodile and lizard as the main skin was chosen as it is very exotic and luxurious. As you can see from our designs, we use the full python skin and not parts and pieces joined together. We felt that by using the full skin, we are able to give our clients their money’s worth as using the full skin is always the most costly. We want our clients to feel the dedication to our brand and to our designs.


It was rather unanimous in a sense that we wanted our bags to be minimal in design but locked and loaded with colours. Strangely so, we started with “work” as the theme or rather, we designed our bags around the “work” theme but we also wanted some edginess and we actually used the word “versatile” quite a few times - as you can see from our designs that our bags can take you from board rooms to lunches to client events to cocktail parties and weekend brunches. The world and fashion trends are evolving so rapidly. Versatility is the key word here.

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